Khalsa Camp - Leverett MA

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I send my child for just one week of camp?

Each session of Khalsa camp has it's own unique theme, and we find that it takes 2 weeks to really delve into the essence of the theme and get to know each other. Many times the activities we do the first week lead up to a culminating event the second week. However, we understand that your schedule does not always permit for your child to do a full session, in which case attending a Khalsa Camp two-week session for one week is an option. 

My child is almost of eligible age for the session--Can they attend?

Often we are able to permit children who are almost the right age in sessions. It is dependant on the enrollment of the particular session and we like to have a conversation with the parent about the child. If you're considering whether a particular session is appropriate for your child, please give a call (413) 548-8855 or email and we are happy to help you figure out the best session for them at Khalsa Camp.

Do you offer swimming lessons for every age and session?

We do not offer swimming lessons during nature challenge. In this session we often swim at places that are not conducive to running a lesson. If your child does not know how to swim and would like to attend Nature Challenge they will need to bring a PFD to be used during swim times. During Cooperative Trust Building we offer two lessons a week as many of the children attending this session are still needing the basic skills to swim proficiently. If your child is a proficient swimmer and can complete all the skills in our basic 4 swimming levels they can choose to opt out of lessons, or be an assistant/demonstrator for the other lessons. During our Expressive Arts session we offer one swimming lesson a week. The focus in this session is on preparing the end of camp production so we spend a bit less time at the lakes.



Khalsa Camp - Leverett MA