Khalsa Camp - Leverett MA

Tuition and Discounts

Summer 2021

one week only = $355.00
two week session = $650.00

To secure your child's slot in camp we must recieve a non-refundable deposit of $325.00

Special Discounts

Early Bird Discount: $10 off per week -- Must recieve deposit by March 1st.

Sibling Discount: 5% off total tuition--only applied to weeks siblings overlap (Ex: If one child does 3 weeks and another 5, sibling discount is applied to 3 weeks of their tuition)

Referral Discount: Recieve $10 off per week of your childs attendance for each week a friend attends camp. (Applies only when referring new campers--only one discount per child. Cannot be combined with other discounts.)

Members of Mt. Toby Monthly Meeting: In gratitude for their generosity members recieve 5% off total tuition. (Cannot be combined with Referral Discount)

Early Bird and Sibling Discounts cannot be combined.

Khalsa Camp - Leverett MA

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