Khalsa Camp - Leverett MA

Forest Friends

July 1st - July 12th

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Ages 5 - 10

During this session we will spend much of our time in the forest, building tree forts, adventuring and exploring. There will be ample time for in-depth imaginitive play as well as many structured non-competitive games. These games and activites emphasize working together and rely on group harmony and cohesion. In order to achieve success, the children will have to pool thoughts, skills, and energy. These activities offer a great, fun and inspiring metaphor for life.

This session will have 2 or 3 trip days each week. We set the schedule based on weather and send out an email on with the tentative schedule on Sunday. We then send a confirmation email out each evening by 7pm confirming our location for the next day. Caregivers drop off/pick up at Camp Base (Mt. Toby Meetinghouse) on base days. On trip days, Cargivers are responsible for drop off and pick up at our trip location for that day. Trip day locations for this session may include:

Fiske Pond: West St,. Wendell, MA 01379--parking area is closest to the end of West St and Lockes Village Road

Green River: Murphy Park, 55 Leyden Rd, Greenfield, MA 01301

Lake Wyola: 94 Lakeview Road, Shutesbury, MA 01072

Laurel Lake: Erving State Forest, 94 Laurel Lake Road, Warwick, MA 01378

Montague Meadow: North St. Montague, MA 01351

Robert Frost Trail hike: Drop off on Depot Rd or Juggler Meadow Rd in Leverett, thru to the Puffers Pond area for pick up at State Street in North Amherst

Stone Pond: 475 New Salem Rd. Wendell, MA 01379

Khalsa Camp - Leverett MA